Anvil of Dawn (1995)


Another descendant of Dungeon Master and one of the last real-time first person RPGs where you moved in grid mode. If you like the Dungeon Master/Eye of the Beholder model, then Anvil of Dawn is near perfect: various dungeons and many surface areas, excellent art direction, cool monsters, fun gameplay (okay, the invisible maze near the end wasn’t much fun, but the rest was) and an excellent automap (I loved that aspect most dearly).

I say near perfect, because when I played it I was disappointed by two aspects. One, despite not following any P&P-license or other source material, the game felt very, very derivative. Check evil overlord, check nearly every cliche you expect in a fantasy game. The second most annoying aspect was the ending. Instead of fighting some big, bad overboss you do a task and win the game. Very anticlimactic and unsatisfying. Yes, I know I complained about following cliches, but this is one that should have been followed. Still a very good game.