Hellraiser: Deader (2005)

After watching the fifth and sixth Hellraiser movie I pretty much lost interest in the series. This seventh part hasn’t managed to change that. While it’s not another moralistic tale about a bad main character who gets his rightful come-uppance via Pinhead and his Cenobites at the end, it’s still not a very good movie. The story goes like this: a reporter is sent to Bucharest to investigate a suicide-cult, where the self-inflicted dead come back alive.

Some problems of the movie have to do with continuity. Whereupon before everyone could have opened Lemarchand’s box now only a chosen-one (the reporter obviously) can. It’s also not clear how the hell the puzzle box landed in Bucharest, after it was last seen in the hands of Kirsty Cotton. And the plan of the cult leader to destroy Pinhead with the box is never actually made clear (the whole plot actually makes not much sense). Pinhead and the Cenobites are again rather scarce and only play a minor role near the end.

The biggest problem the movie has is that it looks like a cheap-ass direct-to-video production. Since the fifth part the Hellraiser series has been direct-to-video, but at least the previous movies managed to still look somewhat good (even if the sixth at times felt like a cheap TV-production). But this one really looks ugly and not ugly in a positive way when talking about horror movies, merely cheap ugly. The looks and the nonsensical plot completely wreck the movie.