Wizardry 8 (2001)

Wizardry_8_box wizardry8

Whereas Might & Magic slowly became more and more zombified with each new sequel after the ending of the Xeen saga, and Ultima slowly devolved into an action adventure that never fulfilled the promises of the 7th part, Wizardry got a conclusion fitting for kings.

That is not to say that the 8th part is without problems, but to me they seemed minor. While BotCF and CotDS were as combat heavy as W8, the new 3d environment made the fights cumbersome. Just battling a swarm of insects could take ten times as long (or even much longer) than in previous games. But that Sir-Tech actually implemented the fighting modus from the previous games in a 3d environment is applaudable.

Again your party has gone to another world via spacecraft, this time trying to stop the Dark Savant from ascending to the status of a Cosmic Lord. Old friends and foes from previous games are also around. This was the last game by Sir-Tech, which is sad, and yet, at least they left with a bang. After finishing the game I got what I missed after finishing CotDS, a proper conclusion that left me completely satisfied, both on the plot and the gameplay level.