Wizardry 7: Crusaders of the Dark Savant (1992)

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The absence of the Cosmic Forge (mighty, magical pen) in Wizardry 6 has allowed different factions to find a world long hidden in the depths of space, where a powerful artifacts rests. You go there via spacecraft, to find the artifact before everyone else does, especially the Dark Savant, a sinister and mystical character.

CotDS is superior to BotCF when it comes to graphics (VGA, still block movement) and gameplay. While still using the same core engine, the interface became much more mouse friendly. The gaming world is much bigger, and it seems compared to the predecessor, that there’s more of everything. And it has a map feature.

Often hailed as one of the classic RPGs, it has one big problem that annoyed me to no end. Like every middle part of a trilogy, the ending left me extremely unsatisfied. Sure, 9 years later I got a proper conclusion, but when I finished CotDS the first time, I was, WTF!? Is that it, nothing more? In comparison, BotCF left me much more satisfied at the end.

Still, on the gameplay level it’s superior to W6 in almost every regard (and W6 was already excellent), adding a massive amount of quantity and at very high quality level that will keep every RPG-aficionado busy for a long time.