Pools of Darkness (1991)

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Pools of Darkness, the final game in the Goldbox Forgotten Realms series. Again you have to confront your constant enemy Bane, but first you have to find his four generals to restore order. Over the course of the game you roam around the remains of a gigantic dead god, explore the varied cities around the moonsea and fight countless battles until you’ll finally meet your old adversary.

I’ve often heard that it’s one of the harder games in the series, but when I played it, it didn’t felt all that hard. There’s so much to do that your characters easily reach high levels and with the right approach even the bigger fights become doable.

I remember playing the hell out of the game, exploring every nook and angle, which was very satisfying, as there was so much to do. For example the ruins of Myth Drannor with rakshasa to fight, a bastion of giants, alternate dimensions and so on. Really fun.