I’m not usually a fan of Early Access titles, not because I think there’s something inherently wrong with that approach, but because I rather wait until a game is finished. In this case though, the trailer for the game looked too good and I’m a sucker for any metroidvania-type game. I was a bit skeptical at first, as similar titles like Rogue Legacy or Flinthook for example sport their roguelike influences on their sleeve, but usually contain no real trace of metroidvania-type gameplay.

And initially that was true for Dead Cells as well. Procedurally generated levels that change after each death, with a meta-game where you can earn persistent upgrades that make you stronger in each new run. But then I got my first ability, which allowed me to access more areas in the early levels. It’s a cool twist on the Metroidvania-genre, that actually manages to combines a roguelike action platformer with metroidvania-type elements into a neat mix. The roguevania descriptor here is actually well earned.

Beyond that, even at this early stage, the game is already more fun than many other full games. The action is perfect, with scrunchy hits that make it a delight to take enemies apart, either by sniping them from afar or going in for close combat. The weapon selection is such that instead of always preferring just one weapon, each is pretty cool and handles differently with unique advantages that makes it hard to decide which to take. Controls are tight and the graphics are a perfect fit for this type of game.

If the developers don’t make a major misstep in the future and build on those foundations, then Dead Cells will be almost perfect.

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