The Hangman’s Daughter (2017)


This takes place in the same setting as Veteran, but around one or two hundred years later. The main character comes of as slightly psychotic manic pixie girl who captures a ship of 6000 prisoners to find the few prisoners who killed her father, while also setting up a deep black ops operation for the CIA with a penal legion as a plausible deniable ops team to take on various targets. The first book is concerned with setting up the legion, both for future prospective buyers and the audience reading this. Manic pixie girl and her legion take on a miner’s asteroid that has been taken over by a communist virus, and things go from bad to clusterfloppery very fast.

It’s a no holds barred tour de force full of violence and gore and plans inside of plans. Characters get introduced and killed off at breakneck pace and it you usually have to decide who is least offensive asshole on the block, as there are few if any who could be called nice or good. There are a lot of future settings made up by writers that I rather live in than in any of David Smith’s worlds, but damn is it a fun ride, even if I’m flip-flopping between hating the main heroine (she’s awfully nonchalant about human lives, even prisoners) and wanting to see her survive to know what comes next. Can’t wait for the sequel.

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