Dead Things (2013)


As far as urban fantasy goes, Dead Things does what most entries in the genre do, trying to find a slightly new angle on an old topic (this time the main char is a Necromancer, hailing back to the trope codifier of all things urban fantasy, though its different in style and tone), wrapping it up into a personal viewpoint that should be enticing enough to get on with the ride and enjoy it.

I do like the main concept, I like the plot-hook, but I find the main character a bit flat, especially given what happens. Not completely to the point that I didn’t like the book or the main char, but to the point that I though some of his reactions, especially to gruesome murder and mayhem where on the cold side. This kind of fits with his character to some degree, but it doesn’t feel entirely intentional and more like the author had not the best handle on his own character.

It’s still a fun and short read that doesn’t overstay its welcome, and the author had some neat world-building ideas. Also I like the feeling that even the most powerful people including the main character, are easily hurt and every bruise and hit is felt. Makes the stake feel real and the tension is definitely there. I’ll check out the sequel to see whether it gets more interesting.

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