Suicide Squad – Extended Cut (2016)


This is the second time I’ve seen the movie, first in the theater and now this extended version. I liked the cinema cut well enough. It’s not a smart movie, had lots of faults, but as a spectacle, despite what the critics were hawking about, more or less succeeded. There’s a varied pool of neat characters, a well-defined villain, some nice action. It’s a good package as far as superheroes goes, if you don’t overthink it (for example that creating the squad in the first place created the very enemy they were forced to fight, which is either a thinly-veiled metaphor for American politics or just dumb, your pick).

The biggest problem of the movie was always its tone in regard to the characters. It wanted to have some evil-motherfuckers as anti-heroes but at the same time wanted to make them relatable and human as well. This went down as well as you can imagine and is best exemplified by Deadshot aka Will Smith. I like Smith, but his acting range is all Will Smith, and no, he didn’t pull off a psychotic assassin believable. What he did was put in his best impression of Will Smith doing Deadshot, which was basically a villain with a heart of gold. Not what the movie required.

Deadshot isn’t the only one, the movie could never decide whether it was depicting psychotic murderers or nice guy’s who just took the wrong turn in life. At times this comes of as inept and dishonest, but one of the strengths of the movie is that it doesn’t matter much. Villains lie to themselves first of all, so it kind of fits, but its clear that the movie wants the audience to buy into it as well, which works right until the movie switches the tone to evil motherfucker again and you’re reminded that there are no heroes here.

As for the extended scenes, they work against Robbie’s and Leto’s character arc, transforming a bizarre love story into something more muddled and overall less compelling. Also in general, Suicide Squad isn’t a movie that really needed to be longer. I prefer the movie cut, which is just to the point and doesn’t make you linger to long on its many weaknesses.

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