The Amazing Spider-Man (1990)

spidy1c spidy1gp

This is the kind of game that can only be enjoyed with an emulator and save states, as it’s an outright terribly game that only the most dedicated people could finish on the original hardware. It’s control scheme is obtuse (there’s a low and a high jump, but the second is hard to pull of consistently) and to trigger the webstring-swinging seems more based on luck than the key combination mentioned in the manual.

Taking on harm and dishing it out is also widely disproportionate. Spider-Man can be killed in a manner of seconds even by small birds, but his own punches barely make a dent in any of the bosses. Get hit a few times and your life meter will melt away. Overall, the only reason to play this is because you want to see how they adapted Spider-Man and his enemies in low-res pixel art. If you abuse save stats you can get past the worst, but even so it’s still pretty awful.

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