SolarStriker (1990)

solarstrikercover solarstrikergp

Difficulty can be a deceptive thing. SolarStriker, an early, unremarkable Gameboy vertical shmup, starts with three easy peasy levels, until it really hones in on hurting you. Strangely enough, the boss of the fourth level is the hardest of the remaining three bosses, mostly due to its immense size covering almost all of the screenspace, which doesn’t allow for much room to evade hostile attacks.

The fifth is still demanding, while the final boss is easy again. Also, from the fourth level on, the stages becomes increasingly hostile with not only enemies targeting you at sight, but also volleys of massive projectiles hurled in rapid succession from beyond the screen. Otherwise, the game is rather simplistic and doesn’t do anything interesting, neither art direction or gameplay-wise.

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