Skinwalker (2009)


Another first novel in a long-running urban fantasy series (10 and counting). Sports the usual assortment of cliches for the genre: fantasy creatures hiding in secret (elves, weres maybe) and the ones who came out (witches and vampires). Takes place in the presence, as far as I can see, aside from the fact that the witches and vamps came out. The main mystery is compelling enough (somebody is killing humans and vamps), the main heroine has an interesting set-up, she’s a skinwalker sharing her body with the soul of a real animal (who didn’t like to get stuck with her in the first place, something which seems not to be the norm even for skinwalkers in this universe). Lots of interesting interactions and consequences from that.

The heroine isn’t super-well defined, but is more on the ass-kicking side of things which keeps the narrative running smoothly most of the time and the slight romance aspects often present in these novels aren’t overbearing. On the other side she’s neither just action-woman (she can do people well enough and has good friends) nor afflicted by too much pointless introspection. This one was fun enough to keep going and see if the rest of the series is as good.

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