Assassins: Discord (2016)


Depending on what you like to read, this either sounds intriguing or terrible: a sort-of young adult novel about one of the daughters of a family of killers who gets a chance to leave her family (who is murder, mayhem and money over acting like human beings all the way) and try to do some good by exposing those who her family worked for and keeping those from harm they try to kill. There are some slightly romance aspects, but it’s hinted at in terms of a budding relationship, not any sex.

The world-building is strictly on the mundane sight, apart from the cinematic action style and the almost supernatural skills of most of the protagonists, otherwise this is bar none any science fiction or fantasy elements. Also, while this is a self-contained plot, it’s only part of a bigger story and a sequel in the works, but a minor character in this one will be the focus in the next one.

Overall this was much better than I expected it would be. I thought this kind of approach wouldn’t work, given that it’s basically about murderers going about their business and mixing that with young adult/slight romance sensibilities (and lots of action) just would make it feel completely ridiculous and hard to take seriously. But the main character is drawn well enough and it’s easy to get into her mindscape and get what she is going through. It’s not realistic, but it feels real. Also there’s enough action to make it thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.

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