Blackie the Pirate (1971)


An earlier Terence Hill/Bud Spencer movie that lacks their later trademark humor and is more run of the mill pirate movie than anything else. Terence Hill plays Blackie as an enigmatic pirate captain who is always ten steps ahead of his pirate competitors as well as the Spanish navy. Spencer is more of a side-character on this one, playing another pirate captain after the same gold as Blackie, but while smarter than the other captains still gets outsmarted by Blackie.

It’s not a great nor a terrible movie, fun to watch if you have the time but don’t expect anything big from this. The plot is simple but coherent, the actors fun to watch as pirates (movie pirates at best, violence is toned-down to kid level and the pirates are mostly nice guys or the usual assortment of cliches). The ship fighting scenes are stock footage, which makes the ships look much bigger from the outside than the actual movie sets.

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