Deadly Class #21 (2016)


The recent 21st issue of Deadly Class, an extremely well-crafted and well-drawn series about a school of young killers, who are all sorts of fucked up due to their very fucked-up upbringings, ended one of the more violent and deadly recent story lines with one of things I utterly hate when authors do it. It’s one of the very few things that make me stop cold right there, and usually I struggle through even if the writing is a major atrocity towards literacy, but killing your main character, that is a no go.

It’s different when you have more than one main character, but if a story is build around one major viewpoint, and if you kill that character (and Remender didn’t just kill him, he offed most of the other more established side-characters in the process) and replace him with a side-character who hasn’t been that well-established from the beginning (nope, tattooed, mysterious killer-girlfriend is not good enough for that), then what we have basically is a different story set atop the one I liked in the first place.

Sorry, it’s not me, it’s you, many other more interesting things to read.

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