The Perdition Score (2016)


The Perdition Score is the ninth entry in the Sandman Slim series of urban fantasy novels. It’s one of the weaker entries with Stark fighting or trying to fight Wormwood, an all-powerful, well connected organization on Earth, heaven and hell that is part high-level conspiracy, part organized crime syndicate, part magic-backed cult. They also bet on all of Stark’s previous confrontations and profited majorly from that, as they basically own gambling on supernatural power plays.

While this sounded like an interesting threat compared to the more in-your-face enemies Stark faced in the past, one if its major problems is that Wormwood doesn’t actually have any counterpart to Stark in terms of raw firepower. An almost faceless organization is all nice and well, but most of Stark’s part adventures where fueled by conflict with singular enemies. This might explain why this ninth entry felt so meandering and toothless.

Every long-running series runs into the been-there-done-that syndrome, but TPS has a very strong case of it with Stark going to hell, again, and doing lots of things that just felt like a retreat of old material. At least the ending was interesting and gives me hope that the next part does something more intriguing.

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