Supernatural S11 (2015-2016)


With the finale of the 11th season wrapped up, I have to remind myself that during the first five seasons of the show, Supernatural actually managed to be creepy, disturbing and horrific, with tension racked high and the stakes felt like they meant something. Instead now it feels like a boring sitcom.

If a show has to bring God and its primordial enemy the Darkness into the mix and still feels rather underwhelming and tepid, you know something is not well at all. By no means is it completely awful, I still enjoy watching Supernatural, but only as long as I don’t think about the fact that the shows protagonists have the same story arc set up to repeat ad infinitum.

For a show that tries to shake things up from season to season, it still feels sadly like nothing much of consequence is happening and none of the enemies in recent seasons felt all that interesting or convincing as bad guys. Even Crowley just hangs around and feels rather bored.

That said, a particular flaw in the current season was the handling of the darkness, with the show not knowing whether to play her as a misunderstood but not actually bad or as the harbinger of wholesome destruction. In the end they muddled through by doing neither particularly well, though some of moments, especially the mist infections, were quite effective.

But yeah, the climax was a sad affair and utterly disappointing and toothless. It wasn’t even all that offensive, considering that they dragged the big G god into it and made him a useless emo-hipster-manchild. At this point, I’m only watching the show for the few good episodic episodes and could do without any seasonal arc content, which hasn’t been good in a good long while.

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