X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)


Of all the recent superhero movies (BvS:DoI and CA:CW), XM:A is the one I enjoyed the most. Like the others, its not without flaws and a far weaker entry than the previous one (Days of the Future Past), mostly due to an enemy who while scary in terms of what he can do, is terribly uninteresting as a character.

The movie’s second major misstep is Magneto, who does a short repeat of his whole story arc: from personal tragedy to global mass-murderer (the stunt he pulled with the Earth’s magnet field will have killed thousands if not millions of people, if we’re entirely honest) to redemption (not actually earned) and its all acted very blandly. If they don’t know what to do with him, maybe he should sit out the next one before he becomes a complete joke.

That said, the X-Men themselves are all great, from McAvoy, Hoult and Lawrence as the old guard and the newcomers with Sheridan, Turner, Smit-McPhee and Shipp (the new Ororo was utterly perfect, but sadly completely underused). Whether they made jokes with each other or fought for their survival, every scene with them was fun to watch.

They were and are the heart of these movies and Singer managed to make them shine even against a less than interesting threat. Sadly, while this took place in the eighties, it didn’t felt like it and only a few reminders that this is actually not current but past reminded us. Feels like a missed chance, especially as both First Class and DoftFP managed this somewhat better.

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