The Winter Long (2014)


The eight part of the urban fantasy series about a changeling that works as a hero for the hidden faeries realms offers intriguing major new developments, but like many of the previous parts is not very good at weaving a good plot around those revelations.

For the most part, October Daye, the titular hero of the series, runs around like a headless chicken, which doesn’t look much like detective work (or even the fake detective work we expect from urban fantasy) but merely the actions of someone with no clue or plan who looks up people for often no good reason at all.

It’s just busy work to fill out the book and it makes October look slightly scatterbrained, though this isn’t the first time in the series (and probably not the last). That said, I love those books unabashedly, because even if they lack something in the plot-department, all the emotional beats hit the right tone and the climax with the new-old enemy is perfectly orchestrated and makes up for the rest of the book.

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