Dead Set (2013)


This is quite different from the usual output of Kadrey, who is rather more known (currently) for his violent and over-the-top urban fantasy Sandman Slim series. Dead Set on the other hand is a much more restrained, young-adult story of a girl who tries to connect with her dead dad and gets in all kinds of trouble when she reaches him in the city of the dead.

It’s a nice read with some cool ideas about the world of the dead, but if you come from the Sandman Slim series, expect a very different vibe and tempo. I stalled halfway into the book and only picked it up a few weeks later again, mostly because I wanted to see how it ended rather than because the writing itself compelled me.

The climax is neat and works quite well (even if the good guys win more by luck than anything else), the characters feel more real and realistic than anyone you meet in the Sandman Slim series (which can be good or bad depending on what you want) and for such a radical departure from his usual stuff, it’s well done (just not my cup of tea).

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