Commando (1985)


The quintessential 80ties action movie starring Arnold as an ex-Delta Force operator who has a 10 hour time limit to safe his daughter from the clutches of a dethroned former dictator. Despite a never ending stream of snarky and eminent quote-worthy one-liners, Schwarzenegger plays his role entirely straight even when uttering utter LOL-worthy-comments, and strangely enough the movie still works in a semi-serious fashion.

The black humor, directed at his dying or soon to be dead enemies, should break suspension of disbelief, but doesn’t (the jump out of the plane is much more problematic) and more or less substitutes weak characterization with something better and more effective, finely honed action cliches that just for that movie are elevated to a higher level. Say what you want about Schwarzenegger, but he makes what should be an utterly generic and unremarkable action movie into a riveting thrill ride that makes you feel like you never know what will happen next.

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