Captain America: Civil War (2016)


Civil War is pretty much Marvel’s BvS: it has a highly convoluted plot that doesn’t make much sense once you think too hard about it, feels way overlong and expects the viewer to take it seriously. At least the fight scenes are intense and exhilarating and unlike BvS, this is a movie that knows how to make a joke, does it repeatedly, and most of them actually work. Civil War also has great new co-stars with Black Panther and Spider-Man, who steal the show almost all the time they turn up.

But the plot is utterly inane. I went into the movie expecting Bucky’s role to be more than just a gimmick and the whole morality of having vigilantes run around to be questioned or at least explored more than just on a surface-emotional level. This isn’t a movie about that. It’s a therapy session for Captain America and Iron Man to work out their various issues, and it ends with them breaking up.

I’m also sad to see that BvS final part is better staged and more exiting than Civil War’s climax, which on the plus side has a neat, Se7en-level twist, but still feels deficient compared to the Warner Brother offering. I was hoping for some grand scheme from Zemo (who is one of the most disappointing and boring villains in the Marvel universe so far) and a big fight between the heroes and the other super soldiers. Instead we got more in-fighting that just feels like a letdown.

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