Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)


The critics are not exactly wrong here to bemoan BvS’s various flaws. It’s not a movie I see myself rewatch at home as often as some the MCU ones: it’s too long for its own good, serious to a fault (honestly, in Snyder’s cinematic world nobody ever smiles) and the soundtrack pummels you into submission, telling you exactly what kind of scene will happen next and what you should feel.

On the other hand: it is a pretty awesome spectacle movie that has a decidedly (and refreshingly) different Batman (often cited as the TDKR-Batman, but Affleck’s portrayal feels different, more rage, both due to the human casualties from the events in Man of Steel and a hinted at secret superhero history that did not went well), an excellent and relatable Superman and a short but perfect cameo of Wonder Woman.

Henry Cavill’s Superman, who still felt off in Man of Steel, really came into his own here and infused the role with much needed humanity and gravitas. The only and biggest off-note is Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor, who is not exactly bad, just too different to really feel like this is the Luthor we’re used too. There’s too much of the Joker in here, too manic his acting and not enough motive to make sense of it all (it’s hinted at that he tried to placate Darkseid, but the real Luthor would have never done that, he always was his own man).

As for the rest, yes it’s long, maybe overlong, but the plot, despite all the arguments to the contrary, doesn’t feel like a mess and or padded at all. Apparently there’s an even longer cut coming out on BluRays and I wonder whether that will make the movie entirely unwieldy.

Still, I did enjoy it for the most part. The action delivers big time. This is probably the biggest draw to see it on the big screen, all the beautifully orchestrated violence where each hit feels like it lands with a lot of oomph and then to see Batman & Superman duking it out, and later united against a common foe. It may be primitive to see a movie just for that, but it’s a lot of fun.

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