Half-Resurrection Blues (2015)


First in a new urban fantasy series. It has some nice world-building that goes some way to make it stand out from the rest of the pack: the main character is half-dead, working for a council of ghosts patrolling (metaphorically) the borderland between the dead and the living.

The plot concerns a unique, terrifying type of creature that seem part of a larger, deadly scheme (obviously, with ghosts around there are worse things than death). There’s also a personal element to the whole thing, as the half-dead main POV tries to find out who he was – before he was killed and came back amnesiac – and his best avenue are two other half-deads, one of whom works for the enemy.

At one point the book was in danger of doing something truly interesting in terms of setting (open the borderlands), but then it backed away from this and instead opted for the more conventional, if still highly entertaining, saving the world business.

Overall, though, is has all the marks of a good UF series I will likely enjoy as long as it runs: neat setting feels fresh, quite good writing, no werewolf-vampire-love triangle and a lots of open questions whose answers will easily string me along.

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