Clean Sweep (2013)


This is the first in a series about a magical inn (one among many on Earth) that is open to all the various aliens races, but is a secret to humanity at large. It’s sort of science fiction. Sort of, because it’s entirely filtered through the reading and writing protocols usually associated with urban fantasy / paranormal romance fiction.

The book has vampire and werewolves and many other entities with magical powers and it works like fantasy, but is explained on the surface as science fictional concepts (though most magic is explained as tech so advanced that its almost like magic). There is the usual love triangle common to UF/PR (female main POV, werewolf and vampire love interest) and plot that is right out of an UF novel.

My first reaction upon reading this was that someone has taken Simak’s Way Station, taken out the ambition and adapted it for a different audience. It’s a novel that likes to play in the science fiction playground, but is entirely disinterested in doing anything with it on the plot-level.

This might sound like a negative, but it’s a fun and entertaining read if you don’t expect actual science fictional content. The focus in the first book is to work both as an introduction to all the ‘fantasy’ elements, the inn-system, some of the galactic races and the main characters, as well as to set up plot threads for some of the longer-running plot-lines once the series gets going.

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