Goth (2003)


Goth is a typical fix-up novel, a collection of short stories that star the same protagonists and take place roughly in chronological order. It’s about two teenagers who have a morbid fascination with serial killers and their victims, and at times get a bit too close for comfort.

With time the stories go from dark to worse, as it turns out that one of the two teenagers is more than just a bit close (in terms of sharing the same mindspace) to the serial killers they follow and investigate. It helps to stop harm from him and the other teenager, but often the question remains whether he will turn fully dark side.

At one point it seems there’s a trajectory to the overall story-arc, but at the end the book just peters out. It’s still an enthralling and highly compelling read, as the author has pinned down the crazy yet still recognizable human mindset of deranged killers seemingly perfectly (or at least convincingly as far as fictional portrays go). It’s a chilling character study, just missing a good ending.

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