Killing Pretty (2015)


The previous book took the meat cleaver to all dangling plot threads and while it was satisfying to see some long-running storylines resolved, it felt pretty final. Where can you go once you manage to beat world-threatening elder gods that are even more powerful than the one big “G” god.

Turns out, the final throwaway line of the last book (somebody killed Death) was more than just a catchy hook and Kadrey managed not only to turn in another excellent Sandman Slim book, but while solving this case introducing lots of new, intriguing possibilities where the series can go that makes me eager to get the next one sooner than later.

Also, it’s cool to see that Stark gets a bit smarter about how he does business (primarily thinking before he starts hitting people) and realizes his responsibilities to his friends, though it’s also fun to see how he still manages to fuck up in hilarious ways (with lots of violence and weird magic thrown into the mix).

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