The Getaway God (2014)


The previous novel in the series felt a bit like one step forward, two steps back with no major plot point resolved. As if conscious of that fact, The Getway God makes a clean break, with almost all of the larger, remaining plot points addressed in a highly satisfying way. One past enemy makes a short comeback until he finally bites the dust (again) and the current big boss gets his just desert.

For such a thin book (around 200 pages), it packs a lot of content and reminds you why the series is so much fun to read (ultra-violence, the snarky humor and the plain crazy stuff) and yet Kadrey also manages to give his characters much needed development that makes it feel less like a persiflage of the genre (which it does at times) and much more like an entry the reader can get immersed in for its own sake.

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