Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows (2015)

shovel Shovel-Knight-pos

So I just finished the new Shovel Knight campaign centered on Plague Knight, and I loved it. Not initially, as the game offers basically the same levels with a new character (Plague Knight), whose control scheme is radically different than Shovel Knight’s.

The first few levels, levels that were rather easy in the original campaign, suddenly became scary death traps. But once I had unlocked a few helpful skills and adjusted to the play-style, the game got much easier (though when I tried to go back to the original Shovel Knight, I had to adjust again).

Usually I’m not a fan of replaying the same old levels with new characters (usually unlocked after finishing the game with the primary character), but the new Plague of Shadows campaign doesn’t just offer a different character with a unique control scheme, but tells a different story that happens in parallel to the primary campaign and integrates seamless with it.

And Plague Knight’s control scheme is so radically different that it really feels like a different game. One that isn’t as easy to get into, but once you do each success feels even more satisfying.

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