Gene Mapper (2012)


Gene Mapper is your typical hard(ish) SF book: it has a nice, more engineering-than-science driven mystery at the core, superfluous characters that feel a bit simplistic and a main character who is far too naive for his age. The plot is pretty simple too, with a conspiracy that has only one layer and many happy coincidences (a super-skilled hacker joins the cast after a short time and becomes the deux ex machina to solve almost all of the major problems).

I do like the sentiment of the novel and the ending reminds me positively of the ending of Bester’s The Stars My Destination, where a discovery/technology is given to the public at large, with the hope that people will learn to use it for the best instead of the worst.

But while the whole artificial fauna and flora angle is fascinating, once I had finished the book I knew I would never crack it open again. It’s just too slight, too simplistic in almost all regards apart from the sciency bits.

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