Super Win the Game (2014)

swtg swtg-spike

Super Win the Game is the sequel to the freeware platformer/mini-metroidvania You have to Win the Game. Gone is the early PC-era CGA/EGA-look, replaced by NES-inspired graphics and a much bigger world to play in. Despite really liking the first game, I was hesitant to buy the sequel, which just seemed a bit tepid in comparison from the screenshots and the few videos I saw.

Sadly, this is one of the few cases where the game looks worse on screenshots and even in videos than when you actually get to play it. It’s really unfortunate, as the game is great fun and definitely worth its price. It sports an overworld with cities and dungeons entries that lead to countless varied, well designed levels, skills btw. items to find that in typical metroidvania-fashion unlock further areas and lots of secrets to uncover. It even has some speed racing courses that can be quite challenging the first time through.

Just like its predecessor, Super Win the Game is a pure platformer, enemies can’t be killed in any way and have to be avoided, as well as any other dangerous obstacle. What sounds limiting turns out to be one of the games biggest strength, as the platforming – the jumping hither and thither – is fun distilled.

It’s hard to describe just what makes it so great, but Super Win the Game really pins down platforming gaming and whether you take up the game to play it through or just for a few minutes to jump around, it easily captures your attention.