Through the Woods (2014)

cover brilliant

This a collection of five beautifully drawn and written horror stories by Emily Carroll that subscribe to the school of horror that is rather sparse on the horrifying itself and more on the evocative side, though some of the details you glimpse are enough if you have an overactive imagination. Most of the stories boil down to a normal person discovering something that is not quite normal until things get so far that they themselves fall prey to it and are either devoured or transformed.

To me most of the stories feel like a big cock tease, I prefer my horror more hands on, not stopping when it gets good but showing the transformation when all humanity is stripped away or the monster gets to eat his fill. Not that I’m a full-on gorehound, but I prefer to see the horror happen in detail, even if I have to admit that’s actually harder to still keep horrifying than leaving it to the imagination.

That said, one of the stories was actually a nice reversion on the other stories, where the victim managed to get the upper hand and utterly scare the monster. That story also had some more than usual detail, showing the monster in all its beautiful ugliness.

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