Redline (2009)

redline-title redline

Every medium has its own unique strength and the one thing film can capture much better than any other is motion, especially speed. Redline, a 2009 anime about a no-hold barrels futuristic race where everybody can shoot everybody and some comic-villains are out to get them all is light on characterization but its commitment to style (ridiculous, exaggerated style) and extreme speeds makes it easy to forgive any of its shortcomings. Redline knows what it wants to be, which is fast, extreme, pure, distilled entertainment and everyone in the movie is committed to that agenda.

This is not a movie for overthinking, but to lean back and just enjoy the race and the slowly mounting mass-destruction (the comic-villains are a nation of cyborgs who love order and especially don’t want any of the other galactic powers to see the secret, illegal weapons they are working on, and the race just so happens to take place on their world against their stated wishes). The movie even manages to squeeze in a romantic angle between the two POV drivers that despite it’s rather limited space and the lacking characterizations is not detrimental to the rest of the movie (it helps that both drivers exude style, just like the rest of the movie).

Plain crazy at times, but the good kind of crazy.