Escape from the Underworld (2010)


The graphics from Escape from the Underworld look at first sight like someone did them in Paint, but considering that this was done for a game jam on a short deadline, its understandable. They are crude, but effective and while not exactly nice looking, never actually hamper the gameplay itself. The game is a bonafida example of the metroidvania genre: explore a free roam-able world, collect power-ups and items to open new passages and so forth.

Not exactly original, even the power-ups you’ve seen elsewhere (thought the angel wings and the laser sword are somewhat less common than double jump or other power-ups), but the gameplay is solid. The controls, especially the jumping seems a bit wonky initially, but is easy to get used (other games have it far worse, here it’s just not as tight as in the best examples of the genre). I definitely had fun playing it, and since Escape from the Underworld is on the shorter side, the game never outstays its welcome.

Also, those who have played Banov’s phenomenal jRPG Phantasmaburbia will realize that this is sort of a prequel for it.

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