Moon Knight: From the Dead (2014)


I must admit that when I tried to read Moon Knight in the past, I always bounced off. Felt like an overly convoluted concept that various generations of writers had added to, without managing to establish an interesting core concept that made some sort of conceptual sense. And like so often, Marvel has hired Warren Ellis to do a short, 6-issue stint on the character to make him sort of hip again and streamline him a bit.

While I’m not sure he makes more sense now than in previous incarnations, at least Ellis take on it is highly enjoyable to read (or rather watch, the series is short on words but big on cinematics), something a lot of previous Moon Knight series seemed not to be (not entirely sure, since I stayed with none of them for long). The series feel a lot like Ellis stint on Secret Avengers, highly stylized, lots of action, typical Ellis dialog. It’s pretty much a high-octane big screen superhero book that tells a new story with each issue, which while not very dense in terms of storytelling, makes for a fun and fast read each time.

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