Clarkesworld October Issue (2014)


Six stories in number 97 of the Clarkesworld magazine, three contemporary fantasies, one science fictional one and two second world fantasies. Writing is competent mostly, though most of the stories are also pretty forgettable. Interestingly the best and the worst of the lot are the two second world fantasies and both feature characters trying to finish missions that lead them into morally questionable territory or at least grey areas where things aren’t as clear cut as merely killing monsters should be.

Alex Irvine’s Wizard’s Six suffers from being overly dramatic, at times slipping into soap operatic-levels of ridiculousness drama that brings down the entire story and makes it quite tedious. K. J. Parker’s A Rich, Full Week on the other hand manages to bring its main character and his world alive, even if we only catch a glimpse of it and leaves us with the longing to get more, despite its generic fantasy surface.