Doctor Who S8 (2014)


I really had high hopes for Capaldi as the new Doctor. Last season slipped from must see to maybe, but I hoped a new Doctor would reinvigorate the show. Instead it got worse, with a completely unlikable Doctor who tries to find out whether he’s a good guy or not (really, a thousand years old alien gets the midlife crisis, how novel) and a companion who discovers that what drives her relationship with the Doctor is an endless stream of lies. Everything on the show, every filler episode, every small detail leads back to the big theme that has been present since Moffat’s run on the show started, that the Doctor is the black hole at the center of the narrative, warping everything that happens until it leads back to him.

Sure, it’s called Doctor Who and he’s the main character, but a show that’s merely about exploring him, his nature whether good or bad, has become an endless boring and tedious navel-gazing that is a far call from showing the wonders of the universe with its often-times lightweight and frivolous but also fun adventures. And Moffat really can’t do finales, he builds them up like Russell T. Davies did, but the payoff is never worth it. Damn frustrating.