Quest of Dungeons (2014)


Despite its arguably ridiculously generic and at the same time quite nonsensical title, QoD is a short but neat lightweight roguelike that doesn’t attempt to cover the usual complexity of the genre, but still manages to be quite addictive. Choose one of four heroes (fighter, mage, assassin or shaman) and venture into the dungeon to do some monster killing.

The characters are all a bit imbalanced, as it is piss-poor easy to win on the hardest of the four difficulty levels with assassin (basically a ranger incl. unlimited ranged attack, which means you rarely get hit before you can kill something), but playing the fighter can be much more challenging (you always take damage and ranged sorcerers kill you fast). The mage is nearly as good as the assassin (ranged attacks based on slowly regenerating MP) and the Shaman has health regen and a neat magic attack that paralyzes enemies.

That said, while it’s easy to get into and even easier to play through, once you’ve done one playthrough you’ve seen it all. Despite the randomized level structure and treasure, it’s all just variations of the same template with not much true variety. But it’s fun for a short time.