Kingdom of Heaven (2005)


There’s a decent sized section on the wikipedia article about the movie that shows how inaccurate (historically speaking) it is. Still, I liked it a lot, the normal cut and the hour longer director’s cut. It’s an odd movie: a blacksmith-turned-knight goes to Jerusalem, fights for the city against forces from within and without and becomes its prime defender, both in a physical as well as in a spiritual sense.

Odd, because despite the background – the crusades, the fight for Jerusalem, the clash of worldviews and religions, the spiritual yearning and quest of the main character – the movie goes further away from being about believe and god itself. At the end, the main character seems to have, not exactly abandoned his Christian believes, but turned them into a practical ideal. It’s his idea what knighthood stands for, to save the people, not some abstract concept.

Jerusalem the city is not important, in the end. It’s hard to describe how spiritual the movie is on one hand, but how it’s spiritual in way that defies typical religion: very down-to-earth and nearly agnostic. Just like Jerusalem, religion itself doesn’t matter much in the end. It’s what the people do, not what they say or believe in. Like the wikipedia article says, probably not very historical accurate, but the combination of that attitude with the beautiful landscapes and Ridley Scott’s usual style make for a great experience.