Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (2013)


Though this is more Marvel’s forte, every few years there’s a crossover where somehow the timeline is altered (always for the worse) and then one superhero, who somehow remembers the original timeline, has to restore it. I find these kind of stories incredibly boring, mostly because they don’t advance the setting or any characters any way, even when they are quite well done.

They are an exercise in solipsism and like it was all a dream or parallel world stories, feel like a waste of time. Yup, the action is nicely done, I like that this centers mostly on the Flash and makes him look pretty cool, I like Thomas Wayne as Batman and all the small differences to the DC universe proper, but overall it feels not like the DC universe I’m interested in watching (never was a big fan of elseworlds or what-ifs). I get that this should be a more grim version of DC proper, but there are more subtle ways than an endless stream of gratuitous violence.

I was quite disturbed by the level of carnage here. I like gory movies, but I don’t really come to DC animated movies to watch various characters get killed in pretty graphic ways. Especially not with the glee that seems to fuel all these deaths. As if the animators knew that they could get away with it because this wasn’t the DC universe proper, and then just went for murder porn. This isn’t mature, just childish.