Offspring Fling! (2012)

superpretendo Offspring

A pretty good puzzle platformer with a SNES aesthetic that mixes various elements into something unique and compelling. You have to collect a couple of little puppies of whatever creature you are and lead them to the exit in each level. Okay, it’s not like Lemmings and you don’t lead them. You literally collect them and fling them over chasms or pits full of acid toward the exit. Sometimes you abuse them by flinging them again switches and so on. Every couple of levels a new game mechanism is introduced and you have to master it to move on.

The game is pretty easy at the start, but the later levels of the 100 base levels occasionally need a few tries. Sometimes its because you can’t figure out what to do, sometimes its because you’ve figured it out but did’n get it right the first time. There’s a healthy mix of arcade action and puzzling and some of the harder levels require you to pull off a complex sequence of moves to win. Each level beaten nets you a blue flower (max 100), you get an additional yellow one if you beat a certain time limit (also max 100) and after that there are rainbow flowers for an even harsher time limit (also max 100). I managed the 100 base levels, got around 50 yellow flowers and one of the rainbow ones.

I’ve read that once you collect all the yellow ones, you get ten more levels and ten more if you get all the rainbow ones. While I think I could get all the yellow ones with enough training, I don’t have the patience and time to do stuff like that anymore. And while I dislike cutting of paying customers from content like that, I guess I wouldn’t beat those hard levels anyway if I didn’t put in the training to beat the base levels at the various time limits, so it’s not like I’m missing much.

Still, I really hate it when developers do stuff like that, it’s a pet peeve of mine.