The X-Files S1 (1993-1994)


For a year or two now, I’ve started to re-watch all the shows I once upon a time followed on TV, though due to how timing worked out, often out of order or with missing many episodes in between or whole seasons toward the end. X-Files is another one of those series, that I really loved when it originally aired on TV, but from which I saw not much beyond season five or six (not entirely sure though).

And I never saw the finale. Not that I’ve heard much good about the later seasons, but I’m still curious how things came to an end (and I never saw the second movie). Here are a few observations from watching the entire first season in the matter of only a few days:

– God are Scully & Mulder young, younger then than I am now. Makes me feel old.
– Did anyone realize that the showrunners managed to successfully fuse a Twilight Zone/Outer Limits approach with longterm storytelling. This was brilliant. Brilliant I say.
– Wow, Scully & Mulder never catch a breath. This is the anti-thesis of most shows. The heroes almost always fail at doing what they set out to do, apart from survival.
– The subtitle of the show in the first season should have been: murderous mutants, avenging ghost and creepy aliens. And lots of other ghostly things.
– I’ve never seen a better fusion of supernatural stuff and more science fictional but still mundane if completely crazy stuff. Most shows either emphasize the supernatural (ghost, demons, god) or the sfnal aspect (superscience, aliens, etc). X-Files became the second later, but the supernatural was always strong in the more singular episodes.
– Most of the singular episodes aren’t filler, even if most people nowadays would call them that. They’re the meat of the show, allowing for both character development as well as fleshing out the world of the X-Files.
– Mulder and the show as well make the most bizarre and outrageous “theories” look completely sane, while at the same time making skeptics look like both dicks and completely wrong. I’m aghast at how much I enjoy a show that I feel I should be opposed on a fundamental level.
– For a first season, that was pretty good. Big conspiracy introduced, two characters with an interesting dynamic and I liked how Scully was often the tougher of the two (looking back, Scully was a pretty cool female character with both agency and her own story, it wasn’t just about Mulder, but equally about her as well). And a big finale that showed how high the stakes really were.