Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit (2012)

Hell_Yeah!_cover_art hellyeah

I have a special place in my heart for hard as nails platformers from the 8- and 16-bit console generation. At its best they married a hellish difficulty to near-perfect, pixel-precise controls that actually allowed you to beat those games, even if it took some patience and skill to win. Hell Yeah… is not one of those platformers.

It’s a more garish, colorful-to-the-extreme modern variant that lacks both precise controls as well as any difficulty at all. That doesn’t mean you won’t die, because the often imprecise, slippery-as-hell controls make you fail what should have been easy jumps. The enemies on the other hand aren’t just easy, they are excuses to torture you with one after another quick time sequence, all of them really irritating.

I prefer to win a platformer with skills, not pressing the right fucking button at the right moment when the screen tells me to and least of all not to unlock another cartoonish kill move that might be entertaining once or twice, but with the rapid and inflationary use it’s deployed here just makes me yawn.

Hell Yeah! isn’t a bad per se, maybe not even a bad experience if you enjoy the over-the-top style without any gameplay substance. But as a game and as a platformer at that, it’s an absolute disaster. With both an imprecise and an overly convoluted control scheme (really, why not shoot and move with the D-Pad or just one analog stick, better games than this managed it) and a ridiculous easy difficulty (the shoot’em up sequence was particularly bad at posing any challenge at all), makes this one of the most irritating games I’ve played in a while.