Sam & Max: Freelance Police (1997-1998)

I only saw the first two episodes, which was enough to decide not to see more of this animated version of Sam & Max. My first encounter with the two was the excellent adventure game by Lucas Arts, which subsequently made me search for the source comic, which wasn’t as good as I had hoped. This animation series very much captures the spirit of the comic, but unlike the Lucas Arts game (which did as well but somehow refined the experience to make it much more appealing) never managed to make Sam & Max more interesting.

Actually, it’s odd that I don’t like the TV-series and the original comic, as I like slightly chaotic or crass cartoon characters, but here as well as in the comic source, it feels all a bit overdone and calculated. There’s no heart to the chaos, just characters who follow a certain cliche (non-sensical cartoon characters in a forced strange world that follows its own logic) without adding something of their own. The Lucas Arts game managed to infuse the two and their world with the much needed spark to make them soar, this TV-adaptation merely manages to bore.