Lost Girl S1 (2010)


Urban fantasy TV-series that is obviously not written and done by Americans, as the series is devoid of any puritanical posturing that is all so-common in the genre, both prose fiction as well as TV-series. The modus operandi is normally that the mostly female main character of these series discovers sex at a slightly advanced age (for the rest of the world, this means later than 22), mostly with a vampire, werewolf or some such, and is both disgusted with having so much fun and yet can’t stop.

Here the main character is a succubus who literally needs sex to survive and solves supernatural crime on the sideline as well and isn’t bothered at all to have sex nilly-willy. It’s not yet up to feminism standards, but at least the main character doesn’t go into crisis mode every time she enjoys sex (something I found extremely annoying when watching the 6th season of Buffy).

It’s a fun show that slowly grows its mythology aspect and manages to make the main character not too annoying, though power-creep and protagonist-centered morality rises its head from time to time. Since it’s also spelled out in-universe that fate has big plans for Bo, further seasons might become more annoying if Bo becomes a walking cliche for the main character is always right, but at the moment it’s still bearable. Though I wish the dark and the light fey side would be given equal space and less strongly positioned on a moral axis.