DC Showcase Original Shorts Collection (2010)

Four short movies based on DC characters. I liked two (Green Arrow and Jonah Hex) and was rather meh about the other two. The Specte movies is actually a pretty good conversion of the character to the screen, it’s just that I really dislike the whole concept of the Spectre.

I have no trouble with heroes killing enemies in self-defense while in action, but vengeance is nothing else than murder. That’s while I rarely like characters like the Spectre (e.g. Punisher), I find them ill-fitting in a superhero-universe (because basically all the other heroes should have taken them down long ago).

The Superman/Shazam short suffers from being ten minutes too long (more isn’t always better) and I dislike the overly muscular design of Black Adam and Captain Marvel. Where Superman looks sleek, the other two look like overly juiced up bodybuilders. But the main difference is, the Green Arrow and the Jonah Hex short made me want to see more of the characters, the other two not.