Jottobots (2012)


If there’s one element in most classic platformers I hate the most it’s timers. Maybe that’s one of the reason why I like metroidvania-type games so much. I can explore those worlds at my own pace and don’t have to rush anything. Jottobots, a bit-sized (or bite-sized) platformer that takes elements of metroidvania-type games and combines it with a time attack mode, seems like a combination unlikely to appeal to me.

But it’s an exception to the rule. Born from the artistic mind of J. Otto Seibold and Kyle Pulver, the game sports a unique look married to well-done platformer elements. While your time runs down, you have to hunt down clocks (more time) and a few items to get to the end of the level. Scoring points also helps to get a high enough score. It’s pretty short, which is both a blessing (despite the timers it’s pretty easy to beat the game) and a curse (despite the unique look the shortness makes it unlikely that people will get back to it after finishing the game).

The visuals (not sure I would call them really good, just different enough to make you notice them) and the gameplay (which isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but solid enough) keep you going until you’ve beaten the game. I liked it. Or at least I can’t say I disliked it. It’s interesting all around.