Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (2005)

The sequel to Aria of Sorrow from the GBA. While Dracula has been done with forever, someone is trying to create a new Dark Lord to balance the good in the world. The story is pretty stupid, but who really cares, the gameplay is as good as ever. The only new gameplay element is the use of a seal system. Once you’ve beaten a boss, you have to input a seal via the touchscreen.

Interesting system, but seemingly too difficult (some of the later patterns require some skill, but none of them are really that demanding), because subsequent Castlevania games on the NDS had nothing similar. The rest is quite familiar: you go into a castle, search for bosses, kill them and explore further. There’s a bad ending and a good ending and you can unlock another player mode (Julius). Playing as Julius is quite interesting, as it’s the conclusion of what happens after the bad ending.