Whale Meat (2012)

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There’s a pretty flimsy excuse why this was even included (the sperm whales aren’t extinct yet, so this is the future), on the other hand it was well written and a nice read.

The personal angle is about the estranged daughter of a Japanese man who lives mostly in the US, but due to her job goes occasionally back to Japan and thus her dad. He’s trying to connect to her, but is having a hard time getting through, while she seems to both want it and not. This time she follows him on a job where he has to solve a murder, though it looks more like an excuse for some dad-time.

Since this is more slice of life than everything else, don’t expect either a solution to the murder angle nor a tearful reunion of father and daughter. It’s more like real people doing real things with the occasional strangeness mixed in, trying to grapple with their personal issues in the haphazard way most people do.