In Plain Sight (2012)

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One upon a time Pat Cadigan wrote two novels about VR detective Dore Konstantine that seemed to shift her style toward deep opaqueness and left me pretty annoyed and befuddled. And despite that some of her earlier work had been absolutely phenomenal (Mindplayers, Fools), my reaction might not have been entirely singular, since with those two novels she effectively managed to kill her novel-writing-career. All that came afterwards where some media-tie ins, but they seem barely worth reading even for media-tie ins.

With her entry in The Future is Japanese anthology, she returns to the world of Dore Konstantine and the story has all the problems I’ve found so aggravating about Tea from an Empty Cup and Dervish is Digital: story hooks that lead nowhere, allusions and references that seems to imply something without giving the reader enough information to figure it really out and an ending that just doesn’t make any sense.